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        Mobile security long way to go, the key to the enterprise-level market growth?

        Time:2018-01-08 Views:65
        Recently, a "Ministry of Industry announced 466 APP in recent years," the news triggered the concern of users, the report pointed out that a virus known as "DowginCW" exist in a variety of popular plug-in games in the game, secretly control the domestic at least dozens Million mobile phone equipment. With the news of the fermentation, cell phone security, this "clich" topic again aroused people‘s attention.
        With the rapid development of mobile Internet and popularization of smartphones in recent years, many mobile payment tools are also born, such as WeChat, Alipay and other commonly used payment software to become the first choice for people‘s travel expenses. It is also the birth of these mobile payments tools that make it increasingly important to protect cellphone security.
        The 2016-2017 2017 Quarterly Testing Report on Mobile Security Market released by AiMed Consulting shows that the mobile phone users‘ concerns in 2016 fall into many categories. Among them, 73.3% are concerned about the payment of property security by mobile phones, and those who are concerned about the disclosure of personal privacy account for 64.8%, in addition to harassing phone calls, public wifi security, spam and other common cell phone security issues. The report also showed that the overall awareness of mobile phone users is not high, mobile security issues remain prominent.
        In fact, the problem of cell phone security since the outbreak of the situation is still grim, especially the mobile phone in recent years gradually replace the PC-side trend, making it a high incidence of various virus Trojans. News reports on the new cell phone virus outbreak of the news is a wave of waves, the security of mobile phones is still "spring breeze," cold will emerge to threaten the user‘s cell phone security. The control of cell phone security issues, although many security guards more and more protective measures, but the means of virus makers are also more sophisticated, "hard to detect" all kinds of security risks have always existed in the phone.
        In addition, the report also showed that as of the fourth quarter of 2016, the number of domestic mobile phone security users was 539 million. By the third quarter of 2017, this figure reached 559 million with a growth rate of 1.27%. This shows that the size of domestic mobile phone security users began to enter the slowdown in the past two years, the user growth dividend is fading.
        Therefore, in the mobile phone security market where the security of mobile phones is still grim and subscriber growth is slowing down, the overall post-development will focus on tapping the value of subscriber base. In the process of mining the stock user value, the mobile phone security market is gradually divided into two camps, one is a professional camp of third-party mobile security guards, and the other is a security mobile phone that has emerged in the past two years. Both parties make up the mobile security market However, they still have some shortcomings.
        Third-party mobile security guards: the nature of security deterioration, protection is not complete
        Third-party mobile security software on the market, in addition to specialized features for virus killing and monitoring on cellphone security, has become a must-have for many cellphone users to install cellphone applications because of the richness of other derivatives. As we all know, these mobile security software‘s functions are mainly divided into: the virus killing, traffic monitoring, blocking harassing phone calls, shielding ads and spam, as well as clean up the phone memory, etc., in the initial development of mobile phones memory and traffic generally low, Mobile security guards by smart phone users of all ages.
        However, with the more sophisticated technology of mobile phone hardware and software, the protection performance of the mobile phone itself is getting better and better, so the virus monitoring function of mobile security guards does not seem to pay much attention. In addition, there are still some problems in the development of mobile phone security software during the slowdown of subscriber growth.
        First of all, there is too much open access and the nature of security is somewhat deteriorated. As a specialized protection of mobile security software, functions are constantly optimized and improved, but also in the function of more and more rich and perfect process, these for the protection of mobile phone security software, in the nature of the security occurred subtle Variety. These changes are manifested in the user to help users to achieve a certain function, the user needs to open up a lot of phone permissions, but this may actually result in cell phone insecurity.
        Such as Tencent mobile phone housekeeper need to open self-access permissions to protect the phone in real time security, plus open contacts and SMS permissions and other functions, in order to effectively monitor some of the security options on the phone; another example 360 ??security guards also require users to open self- Otherwise it will lead to many basic functions can not be used, in addition to open SMS and read call records and other permissions, or affect the use of traffic monitoring and fraud interception. Seen in this light, these mobile security guards themselves are to protect the safety of mobile phones, and finally because of access to too much, the security nature seems to be some deterioration.
        Second, the safety protection is not complete enough, may only play a safety role. As the name implies, the role of mobile security software is to protect the security of mobile phones, followed by expansion to other derivative functions, but some mobile security software security does not seem so "professional" in the mobile anti-virus operations need to cooperate with their own another An anti-virus software, in order to fully play anti-virus effect.
        Jinshan‘s Jinshan mobile guards, such as Jinshan, have common options such as harassment interception and software scanning on mobile phone protection functions. However, when operating mobile anti-virus operations, they need to cooperate with Jinshan mobile drug tyrants to maximize their anti-virus effect. In this regard, Jinshan mobile guards seem to only play a supporting role in security monitoring, the real security guards are actually Jinshan mobile phone drug tyrants. As a result, mobile phone users in order to achieve the purpose of a thorough anti-virus, you need to install two similar functions of the software, a move that not only wastage of user memory, but also allows users to rebel, turn into the embrace of other security software.
        In addition, some mobile phone security software also has the phenomenon of fast power consumption and "stolen" traffic, and some may cause cell phone problems due to excessive memory.
        Taken together, third-party mobile security software has attracted the attention of users in the mobile security market because of its professionalism. However, due to the limitations of technology, many functions need to be optimized and improved.
        Targeting the security of mobile phones business: the market is not just needed early, internal power needed practice
        In order to meet the needs of some users for mobile phones with high security, many handset manufacturers have released higher-security mobile phones with relatively higher security performance than ordinary smartphones. Such mobile phones are more professional in security protection performance.
        For example, the ZTE V870, a secure mobile phone aimed at the government market, and the Jinli M7 aimed at the commercial market, as well as the broad-band mobile phones and Veb phones that are equally well-known to the business community.
        From last year, the safe mobile phone is regarded as a hot spot in the mobile security market. Along with the enterprise‘s own advantages, some safe mobile phone brands are also gradually becoming familiar with. But limited to the timeliness of entry into the market and other objective factors, the concept of safe cell phones in the market is not fully in line with the popularity is generally not high.
        In addition, for some ordinary mobile phone users, currently the safe mobile phone is not a rigid requirement in the category of mobile phones, and therefore, it is well-known that the popularity is generally not high. After all, for the vast majority of users, the high degree of security of a mobile phone does not justify its purchase of a mobile phone, at least with third-party mobile security software if it is considered unsafe. As these secure mobile phone brands are involved in, secure handsets are currently only available to people in government and business markets.
        Therefore, on the whole, due to the "young" entering experience of the security mobile phone and the relatively narrow audience range, the safe mobile phone still needs some time to hone into the market.
        Mobile security has a long way to go, into the enterprise market or into a new incremental way
        On the whole, as mobile phones gradually become sticky tools in people‘s lives, mobile phones have also become vulnerable to various virus attacks. The status of the mobile security market is still rising and the industry still has a lot of room for development.
        Mentioned earlier, the current domestic mobile phone security market has entered a stage of slowing growth, and thus the overall development of the future or to the value of the stock user mining. However, what is obvious is that smartphones now come with security steward protection performance is getting better and better, and third-party security software functions similar. At the same time, when the wifi throughout all corners of life, cell phone memory is getting higher and higher, traffic monitoring is also less important to people, cleaning up memory features are no longer favored, and thus provide third-party security software companies tap the stock of users The value seems not so simple.
        However, with the transfer of corporate offices to mobile terminals, businesses are also paying more attention to cell phone security. For some business people, corporate data and various secrets play an important role, but also by the virus attacks the high incidence of the field. If the mobile phone security market can seize this trend, targeted to enhance the security performance of the enterprise office, and promote the development of the mobile security market, it will bring good news to the mobile workforce while further realizing the goal of tapping the users‘ stock value.
        At the same time, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, the application of artificial intelligence technology to mobile phone security protection has also become a new development direction of mobile phone security market. With the support of artificial intelligence technology, the comprehensive coverage of the life scenes of mobile phone users is completed, which can provide mobile phone users with more intelligent security protection operations.
        Comprehensive view, all kinds of cell phone viruses in a series of rounds of suppression in batches die, but at the same time swept away from the new virus, cell phone security has been lingering in people‘s lives. The future of mobile security market, if the phone itself has a very high security system, without the user‘s concern about security issues, there is no third-party mobile security guards this said. However, the complete removal of viruses that threaten cell phone security is not that easy, so cell phone security is a protracted battle.
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